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Gator Adware is actually Spyware
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10/23/2003 17:33:24

Thats right - you heard it here first. Well perhaps not really however that doesn't change the fact that the ever unpopular Gator software which sneaks and wiggles its way onto your system is in fact Spyware. Why do I call it Spyware? Because 1) It installs itself without your knowledge 2) It analyzes what you are doing 3) And it tells other interested third parties about what it is you are doing.

Why is this important? Well while cruising the net this morning I stumbled upon this story in which the company Gator has managed to legally squash somebody who dared to associate their piece of software with the "spyware" moniker. Of course this lawsuit really hasn't helped Gator since every geek and his brother are screaming spyware at the top of their lungs in the hope of attracting some attention. Anyway I've decided to send an email to my friends at Gator in hopes of attracting a bit of attention myself:

From: Jay Little To: Corporate Idiots running Gator Subject: Gator is Spyware and my website says so

Come on and get me you panzies. I dare you.

Hows that for political correctness?


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