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01/03/2003 21:36:00

I've finally found what I consider to be the biggest geeks of all time at this site . Take a good long hard look at this because the chances are that if your kids are in anyway involved in this effort what-so-ever, your plans for grandkids may have to be scrapped. Seriously though - the link above points to a site where a bunch of hardcore trekkies got together and created their own Star Trek episode. The sad part is that they spent 7 years on it.

Whats even sadder is that even after 7 years of effort and 35 years after the introduction of the original show, they are clearly unable to even touch the production quality and scripts found in the original series (which isn't saying much in today's world). To add to the horror, there is an entourage of geeks over at /. who actually believe that this "episode" is the 2nd coming of christ himself. To put it brutally - this new episode basically sucks for the following reasons:

(1) How often have you heard the Captian in any Star Trek episode yell, "Come Get Some!"... ? (2) Do all Star Fleet Admirals read directly from the Teleprompter and has hemp finally become a legalized drug in the 24th century? (3) It seems the USS Exeter is in desperate need of either a weight loss program or new uniform for the ladies. Those short skirts just don't work for the larger gals in Star Fleet. (4) They still use 3 1/2 inch diskettes in the 24th century? At least the selection of colors is good. (5) Since when are plastic purple dinosaur dolls roaming the Androian planet surface considered to be life threatening? (6) The people who made this refuse to use the Starfleet symbol anywhere. I guess they are worried about trademarks and the like. Though they probably shouldn't have stolen all of the music, sounds, plots, backgrounds, and terminology if they were really that worried about it.

For a good laugh take a trip to http://homepage.mac.com/starshipexeter/ because I assure you that the humor alone is well worth the download alone. :-)


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