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Another year - Another Superbowl
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01/27/2003 07:25:54

Remember last year? Remember that little article that was posted by my buddy Erik? Well if you actually do - then REMEMBER THIS. Remember that three days before the game I made what was considered by my peers to be a statement of EXTREME stupidity:

"The Bucs will win the SuperBowl by at least 21 points."

They laughed. And they laughed some more. Then they got their friends to laugh at me too. They said the #1 Defense wasn't going to be able to put points on the board when faced with the #1 Offense. They said that I was clueless. They all said that they would take those bets and wait for the money to roll on in.

I wonder what they will say tommorrow? I wonder how many times those bozos are going to wake up in a cold sweat tonight wishing "that the damn roads would freeze over so I don't have to go to work tommorrow". I wonder just how lacking they feel as men when confronted with the with the fact that the team with the #1 Offense played like a highschool team in a two bit hick town somewhere deep in Virginia.

I wonder... maybe the real Superbowl is going to happen next week. Maybe instead of Joe Millionaire we just watched "Joe Football Team" and in the next few minutes somebody is going to tell the Bucs that it was all BS and the real game is coming next week. Maybe but I wouldn't bet on it.


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