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Wireless Security in Greenville = NonExistant
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09/09/2002 03:37:16

So as mentioned in an earlier post, I spent this weekend doing a bit of wardriving around Greenville and the results were quite dismal to say the least. In what doesn't amount to much more than random driving, we were able to locate 49 wireless networks. 76% of these networks did not have WEP enabled. 1/3 of the unencrypted networks (12) allowed you to cruise the internet without providing any sort of authentication. The other networks all provided access to their internal network - but did not automatically allocate an IP address.

I have posted a summary of our initial findings on this subject here . While some of the networks were identified as belonging to specific companies, the company names have been removed in an effort to "protect the innocent". The most ironic part about all this is the fact that the one local network security firm went belly up a few weeks ago due to lack of demand.

Seems to me that they shouldve taken the time to go wardriving...


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