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09/03/2002 19:29:05

So I finally gave into my more primal urges and bought a laptop. However after spending several days researching my options - I opted to purchase an Apple iBook with upgraded memory and OSX 10.2. During my research I discovered that in the world of laptops - Apple doesn't suffer from the massive problems that their desktop units seem to suffer from.

For the most part I find OSX 10.2 to be pretty nice. While I think XP is truly the more refined of the two Operating Systems, OSX 10.2 sure makes alot of progress in overcoming the response and speed issues that have plagued OSX since its release over a year ago. The ibook is a very nice piece of hardware and I look forward to using it to surf the internet in the living room, taking notes in class, and war walking through the Comdex Expo in Atlanta later this month.

This is the first in a long time that I can honestly say that I'm 100% satisfied with a purchase I have made from Apple. I wasn't able to say that with the Dual Processor G4 box I owned almost two years ago and for awhile I thought that I would never end up saying it. Either way while the Mac platform won't be replacing my XP and Linux box anytime soon, its certainly a welcome addition to my collection of equipment.


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