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08/23/2002 04:24:19

Well for those of you who actually know me personally (believe me, I don't envy you a great deal either, jk) you'll be amazed to find out that I have actually started taking a few night classes in an effort to expand my horizons (not to mention my resume).

Anyway as a followup to my associates degree in Computer Technology at Greenville Tech, I've started attending classes in an effort to earn their newly created Unix Administration Certificate. One of my biggest complaints about the curriculum when I attended late 1996 - mid 1998 was that there was absolutely no mention of *nix like operating systems though they were more than happy to shove Mainframes, AS/400s, COBOL, and RPG down our throats. (thankfully Fortran had been removed from the program right before I started attending). This was of course around the same time period I started going through my major anti-Microsoft phase which lasted until 1999 when I got to take Windows 2000 for a spin.

Back to the point at hand, the bad news is that the certificate requires around eight classes. The good news is that I only have to take four of them because many of my previous classes still apply. I just thought I would let everybody know whats been going on lately as I've been devoting much of this site (perhaps too much) to the Erik Jeffries "gag reel" as of late. I've felt that I've been neglecting the one thing that everybody actually wants to hear about... ok ok ok... perhaps I should tone down the ego a bit now huh?

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