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"Escaping Karma Hell" - A Testimony
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05/09/2002 17:35:30

Some said that it simply was not possible. Some even dared say that it wasn't worth trying. After all I've been through - I would have to disagree with them. Today I have proven that it is indeed possible to escape from the Slashdot artificially induced effect known as Karma Hell. This is a condition that occurs when such a large number of your comments on slashdot are modded down - it actually results in your posts becoming invisible to the majority of slashdot readers.

Slashdot tracks this through an attribute known as karma. If youR Karma is 0 or greater you are in generally good standing and can post comments that are read by the majority of people on slashdot. If you are below 0 (I was at -9) then your comments become artifically invisible to most readers because they have been moderated down to a level below 0. Today I broke 0 barrier. In an astounding move I managed to make two posts both of which hit the high level of 5 in moderation. This of course has caused my karma to finally break 0 barrier and I can now post and moderate normally again.

So whats the point? Beats me - but it possible to beat the /. moderation system. You simply need to understand which stories are more suited for the critical comments that I tend to make. Once you understand that - the skys the limit :-)


Note: A screenshot of this great accomplishment is forthcoming.

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