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04/04/2002 18:50:32

It took me two hours last night - but I finally managed to accomplish what is widely rumored to be impossible. I managed to get a DVD to play in Linux. Using the wonderful MPlayer software I was able to actually get to watch a piece of the sound and video of a DVD player while running XFree86. The problem here is that the player doesn't appear to support menus yet which makes DVD navigation a tad difficult. Not to mention the fact that the when running fullscreen - the application seems to stop playing as soon as the KDE3 screensaver kicks in. (I have to look into this one more as I'm not quite sure that was the problem since I was asleep at the time).

Either way its nice to see that playing DVD movies in Linux is coming closer to a reality - but it is still a ways off. Dont ask me what the point was since during the two hours I spent getting this to work - I could've installed Windows 2000/XP and DVD software in far less time :-) Or even worse, I could've done it within 5 minutes on my Playstation 2.

Update: Use Ogle as a linux DVD player. It supports menus and the rest of the DVD features :-)


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