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MS Anti Unix site runs on FreeBSD
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04/03/2002 20:46:11

This has got to be one of the more amusing pieces of news that I have stumbled upon lately. It seems that Microsoft and Unisys have created what some would call an "Anti Unix" site and placed it on the web here. Upon closer inspection it became quite clear that the site was running off a FreeBSD box with *nix Frontpage extensions. You really have to wonder whether or not any of MS' corporate goons saw any of this coming...

Note: To MS' credit it does appear that the site actually belongs to Unisys - it also appears that since they transferred the site back to IIS (yes this has been confirmed) it has become "unavailable". I think the lesson here is UniSys may want to learn how to actually configure Windows correctly before attempting to peddle Datacenter boxes.


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