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03/21/2002 18:10:28

Well MacWorld Tokyo has come and is nearly gone and there is still no sign of the PowerPC Hardware/Software emulation Microcode Solutions and Emulators.Com were supposed to release today. Although these events do not surprise me - they do irratate me since both companies appear more than willing to mislead and misdirect the general public for some free publicity.

Jim Drew, Loser at Large with Microcode Solutions posted the following comment to the EMaculation Forums yesterday:

"The hardware is not yet finalized, although it does work flawlessly, and will be shown."
He then follows up by saying:
"In reality, this was a dual project as just the CPU core has to be integrated into the rest of the emulation for it to work. This is not a lot of work, but we are strapped for time due to some hardware problems."
Hmmmm... didn't he just say in the first quote that the hardware worked flawlessly? Where do these so-called hardware problems come in to play then? I suspect that there actually is no hardware to sell and the software emulator's progress has stagnated due to the low caliber of programmers working for Microcode. Jim Drew and friends will probably end up demoing a G4 MAC in a PC case.

As for Mr. Mihocka - I believe I've already exposed his drug induced lunacy for what it is so there is no need to waste further time on the subject. He did however update his site with the changelog for the latest version of SoftMax XP. Of course most of them appear to be made up for the sake of being able to justify his policy of version inflation and not a one of them mentions "PPC Emulation".

Screw PPC. Screw Apple. Screw Microcode Solutions. Screw Emulators.Com. Losers will always be losers and I believe these companies have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt.


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