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Jim Drew gets Bloodthirsty
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03/25/2002 18:14:12

Well the story at Emaculation has continued to boil over (see my previous called PPC Emulation = Vaporware). It seems that Jim Drew has threatened legal action against EMaculation in retaliation for the numerous critical comments that were posted regarding the vaporware status of his PPC Emulation product.

Jim you've hit a new low today. You made a promise and then you broke that promise. When asked for details you have only provided a number of contradicting statements that would have caused any reasonable person to question your integrity. Now you are disturbed by the fact that the entourage of children who frequent the Emaculation boards are a bit too smart for your little game and have come out to criticize you yet again.

If a lawsuit is your only course of action I suggest you take the time to get a real job working for somebody else. You are obviously not ready for the responsibility of running your own company and dealing with the public. The fact is you are attempting to destroy the very people who will make or break your product should it ever see the light of day. By doing so you will have utterly destroyed your target market and insured your company's absolute failure.

Good riddance,


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