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Windows more secure than Linux
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02/05/2002 00:04:38

An article over at WinInformant which you will find is located here attempts to prove that Windows is more secure than Linux. It does so by tallying the number of vulnerabilities discovered in each respective OS or Distribution over the last few years. Guess what he found? That on a year for year basis Windows has less vulnerabilities than most major Linux distributions.

Finally more than a few of us are starting to get it :-) Open Source != Security and anybody who thinks so doesnt understand the nature of security in general. Open Source by definition is an insecure development methodology based on loose or nonexistant trust relationships which can obviously lead to insecure code. This isnt to say that Open Source development doesnt have advantages over the traditional Closed Source methodology - but it also has disadvantanges.

The reason for this is that in the world of security - assumed trust is a mortal sin. In the world of Open Source - it goes without saying. The two concepts obviously do not jive and its nice to see that the security community is finally starting to understand this.


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