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Minesweeper beats Jay :-)
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02/22/2002 06:04:33

Thats right this isn't a joke. I've spent day in and day out working on a way to proof my solution to minesweeper. Finally today inspiration hit me and I was able to write an NP algorithim that would 100% prove whether or not my solution was the real deal.

The problem with working on these kind of problems is that you most likely will eventually find out that you were wrong rather than right. I want to thank all of my newfound friends in the forums of Arstechnica. Without their insight and neverending patience I probably would've have gone on believing that I had the actual solution :-)

Isn't science great? Theres always something greater to strive towards. I almost shudder at the thought of the day when we find that there is nothing left to prove, nothing left to figure out, and nothing left to prove just how human we actually are :-)

Note: The final version of the code with the validation routines has been uploaded. A version number has been skipped because one of the failures was due to a Queue bug that needed to be fixed. I wanted the final results to reflect complete accuracy.


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