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Macworld SF 2002
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01/08/2002 00:38:10

Well folks MacWorld SF (San Francisco) 2002 is finally over and all I can say is.... GULP. I want to take this opportunity to express my sympathy for all of the Mac Users of the world along with a hearty 'HA HA!'

Yeah theres a new Imac or should I say ILamp? That seems to be the name everybody is adopting for it even though the improvements in that particular product line were nothing short of spectacular (700+ mhz G4 standard along with 15'' LCDs). Not to mention the overrated thumbnailing program known as iPhoto that Jobs demoed. Alpha Transparency and OpenGL transitions won't save him from the wrath of his supporters however.

The fact is though that Apple hyped this one up - BAD. Normally you would never hear from Apple until the day of the expo (unless you count the writings of their legal department in reference to rumored leaked material :-) but this time Apple teased everybody with lots of juicy messages on their site detailing how this expo would blow everybody away.

It didn't. The Rumor sites had been predicting the release of the G5 processor, post gigahertz G4 processors, the iWalk PDA (of which their was a very well done hoax video floating around the web by the way), and the addition of DDR ram and 266 mhz bus speeds to Apples pro lineup. Sadly none of this happened.

Currently some of the most hardcore maclots I've had the pleasure of knowing are forming a lynch mob and chartering a bus for the trip to Cupertino (jk about the last part). You can view their irratations here:

Arstechnica Mac Forum Link

Well all's well that ends well I suppose - except for the fact that droves of Apples most loyal fans appear to be suffering from a serious case of disillusionment (or a major reality check depending upon your POV).


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