Jay Little - Software Obsessionist
Projects Section Update!

09/04/2001 08:03:17

Yes it has been a long time coming - but I have finally updated the projects section of my site. I have uploaded a new bugfix version of Proxykiller which is known as version 2.1. This version has a few changes - check the readme file included with the source download for more information.

Also as promised, I have created a section on the site for my project known as IISLog. This is the application that allowed me to catalog and track code red attacks made against my machine. It has some special requirements, so be sure to read the online faq before downloading the code.

Being that I have been busy lately - the code in both of these projects is very poorly documented. One of these days I will get around to accomplishing this task. However the code behind IISLog should be fairly simple to understand and the changes behind Proxykiller 2.1 arent terribly large (mostly bugfixes).


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