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The saga of Darek Mihocka
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11/01/2001 08:30:02

In the following link you'll find a little essay I have written dedicated to Darek Mihocka, owner and operator of a small company known as Emulators Inc which is located here. Inside you'll find the details of what I consider to be one of the most disgusting examples of customer service that I have EVER personally experienced.

Why the Apple Logo Icon? Because Darek is in the buisness of selling Macintosh emulation software. The linked essay (which is in MS Word 2k format) details the email exchange that occured between the two of us as I inquired about the upcoming release of his SoftMac XP product which supposedly contained PowerPC emulation.

I've spared my readers the pleasure of the final emails I spat off to Darek so as to not make the content insulting to anybody (except myself that is). So never fear - 99% of it is suitable reading for everybody :-) Update: I posted my final emails anyway since it seems that Darek chose to respond.

BTW - you may see this story pop up on a few tech/emulation/mac news sites. I plan on forwarding this story in an effort to urge people not to waste either their time or money on Mr. Mihocka. He is certainly not worth the effort.


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