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10/12/2001 01:45:45

Ive got a couple of new projects under the wing. They are still a bit too new to create project sections for - but Im sure some of them will make it up here eventually.

Web Outlook: This project is designed to allow you to access your Outlook 2000/XP mail from an HTTP interface through IIS. Currently it poses a few security issues since it requires a Windows Login and without HTTPS the password is sent in plaintext. Currently it can only check received email and browse through the outlook folders. It cannot send new mail yet.

Presentation Engine 2: Yeah thats right. I'm beginning to plan a major rewrite of this site. I know I promised to release the original code for this site - but its still not quite as modular as I would like. Version 2 will have the primary goal of eliminating those issues. It will also provide an updated security backend (of which none exists as of yet) and allow for a bit more flexibility when it comes to themes. Oh yeah and maybe just maybe I'll take the time to make themes work in Netscrape. But dont get your hopes up :-)


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