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Windows XP Build 2600 (Pre RTM) 2001/8/22 3:38 AM
Thats right kiddies. Windows XP RTM has almost hit in the form of Pre RTM build 2600. While its likely that the RTM build will in fact be the same (with the 180 day evaluation restrictions removed) - it should be signed off later this week - as early as
Windows XP Pre-Order 2001/9/3 10:36 AM
You can preorder your copy of Windows XP today from CompUSA today. I went ahead and picked up my full version of XP Pro tonight for about $315.00 (including tax and shipping charges). Some of you probably thought I was joking when I said I was planning o
Wireless Security in Greenville = NonExistant 2002/9/9 3:37 AM
So as mentioned in an earlier post, I spent this weekend doing a bit of wardriving around Greenville and the results were quite dismal to say the least. In what doesn't amount to much more than random driving, we were able to locate 49 wireless networks.
Woe is Me 2004/8/21 6:39 AM
Effective immediately I have decided to "clean up" my online act. I've decided that there is too much venom and general nastiness coming from me to have any sort of positive effect on my persona in the long run. Having said this I would like t
www.jaylittle.com 2001/10/11 11:45 PM
Thats right guys! My favorite domain just opened up for registration and I snagged it right up! No more stupid @home IP address, no more weird port numbers, and no more slow upload speed caps imposed by my friends on at @home! This will also help my res
You Suck at Photoshop 2008/4/5 4:55 PM
So ever since Tuesday, I've had some rough stomach problems. I'll spare you the sloppy details, suffice to say that I've been spending most of this week at home trying to work my way through it all. Sometime in the last few days, I found a wonderful vid
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