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Projects Update 2001/5/25 2:29 AM
The Projects section of the site has been updated yet again today with more information on a few of my current projects: ProxyKiller Presentation Engine Feel free to take a look and leave me any comments or suggestions!
Projects System 2001/5/24 8:00 PM
The beginnings of the Project system have been implemented. It is now possible to catalogue and link to specific projects using the Presentation Manager. Again as time goes on, this feature will begin to embody more functionality.
News/Resume Functionality 2001/5/24 5:14 AM
The News and Resume sections of the Presentation Engine are now feature complete. You can now add/edit/delete every portion of these sections through the dynamic interface. This functionality is still in beta - so please let me know if you encounter any
News System 2001/5/24 12:18 AM
Yet another improvement has been made to the Presentation Engine! The News engine is now up and VERY partially operational. As time goes on, this function will grow to encompass a LARGE range of functionality. Stay Tuned!
Test Story 1900/1/1 11:00 AM
If you are seeing this, chances are your Presentation System database connection is working correctly. Thanks again for using this system!
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