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The Minesweeper Algorithim - Links

Where can I get more information on this?

Here are some links where you can obtain more information on the Minesweeper NP problem.

A popular article by Ian Stewart on the Minesweeper problem.

A video (in real format) of Ian Stewart's lecture at Harvard on the subject This was most helpful. I must've watched this five or six times. I give it one thumb up.

Richard Kayes page on the Minesweeper NP problem. This was the guy that started the mess. He proved that Minesweeper was NP complete. He also created the circuit configurations that I have used in my testing.

A page dealing with other NP hard or NP complete problems. Take a look for a better understanding of the implications of proving P=NP.

Here is a page of a person who has tried to do the same thing I did here. The only problem is his algorithim is NP not P.


I would like to thank a few people but namely the caffiene provided by IBC Root Beer Inc, Dr Pepper Inc, Pepsi Cola Inc, and Coca Cola Inc. Without the support of these guys - I might have never pulled this off.

Thanks to everybody who participated in the thread I started at Arstechnica. I realize that at times I can be quite an ass - so thanks for sticking it through with me. I'm sure it was worth it since you guys ended up being right :-)I would also like to thank my two ex girlfriends who stuck with through some of the bigger code binges. Obviously the fact that they are now ex means that didnt stick around long.... ummmm... err... why was I writing this again?

I would also like to thank my parents and my roommate for putting up with me during the writing of this. Chances are I wasnt it a terribly good mood during the writing of this and cursing at the computer alot. Thanks for seeing me through it.

I would also like to thank everybody else who has ever attempted this problem. Whether or not my solution is proven to be inconsistent in the end is of no concern because without people like all of you - none of this could have ever occured.


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