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Where is the damn code?

Its right below.

This is the main code for the backend ActiveX dll. This version has been updated to version 3.14 from the original 3.0 release. The Main Routines now have better commenting and the possible recursive element has been removed from ProcessKeyPoint (it no longer calls itself). A few speed enhancements suggested by Aeirould of Ars have been implemented. Also a serious ProcessFlag bug was fixed with allowed some boards to classified as inconsistent when they were not. Queue reduction methods have also been added to eliminate redudant processing. Keypoint validation methods have also been added. These very methods disproved my algorithim :-) This is written in Visual Basic 6.0.

This is the ASP web application I created that interfaces with the library. It includes alot of sample boards. It must be setup as an application in IIS so the board cache can be setup. (This done through global.asa)

Note: If there are ANY problems installing and using the code above (a precompiled version of the VB6 dll is included just in case) - either me @ jaylittle@jaylittle.com or IM me online using my AIM (darkgamorck) or on MSN (darkgamorck@hotmail.com) or even Yahoo (darkgamorck).

This project evolved over three different versions. The first was dedicated to solving the board through a probability based routine - it was too inconsistent. The second was an enhancement of that routine which added the Queue and other concepts. The third expanded on what I learned from the first two.


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